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Kraken Intense Focus Box - Kick'n Mango Peach (12 units - 1.93oz bottles)

Kraken Intense Focus Box - Kick'n Mango Peach (12 units - 1.93oz bottles)

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1 Box of 12 single units Kraken Intense Focus - Kick'n Mango Peach Flavor

🌟 Welcome to the realm of legendary focus! 🌟

🚀 Key Benefits:
- Legendary Focus
- Epic Nootropics
- No Crash or Jitters
- Competitive Edge
- Intense Flavor Sensory Reset
- Victory Catalyst

🌿 Key Ingredients:
NooLVL: Elevates neurotransmitter levels, enhancing mental clarity and cognitive function.
Bacopa Monnieri Extract: Improves memory retention and cognitive processing.
Niacin: Boosts cognitive function, ensuring your mind stays razor-sharp and focused.
Vitamin B6 & B12: Provides sustained stamina to conquer marathon gaming sessions.
N-Acetyl Tyrosine: Elevates dopamine levels, enhancing mood and motivation.
L-Theanine: Promotes a state of relaxed alertness, maintaining peak concentration.
Taurine: Enhances mental performance and cognitive function.

Elevate your gaming experience with Kraken Intense Focus by Legendary Supplements – the secret weapon to give you the competitive edge you need! Our powerful formula offers a unique and intense flavor experience that not only clears your mind but also brings you fully present to your gaming session. Combined with fast-acting nootropics, Kraken Intense Focus helps you achieve a state of laser-like focus, putting you in a zen-like zone where distractions fade away and victory becomes inevitable. Whether you're battling it out in the virtual arena or facing off against opponents in real life, Kraken Intense Focus has got your back, ensuring you unleash your legendary potential and dominate every challenge that comes your way!

What makes Legendary Supplements and our flagship product Kraken Intense Focus different than anyone else? We make supplements you feel. There is no question in your experience of taking our supplements that you know something is working! Kraken Intense Focus offers an intense flavor hit (don’t say we didn’t warn you!), serving as a sensory reset button to sharpen your focus and rejuvenate your gaming spirit – because every legendary quest deserves a fresh start!

🎮 Bid farewell to distractions and embrace legendary focus with Kraken Intense Focus. Level up your gaming performance and reign supreme in the gaming realm. Unleash your legendary and order yours today! Victory is only a shot away! 🏆

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Zachary B.
The Kraken is Real! Don’t Miss Out!!!

Legendary Supplement's Kickin' Mango Peach has become my go-to focus enhancer! It's not just another chalky afterthought; the kickin mango peach flavor is delicious and refreshing, with that spicy kick at the end. Most importantly, it delivers a powerful energy boost that lasts longer than similar products I’ve had, with no jitters. This helps me level up my day – I highly recommend it! The Kraken is Real!

Chandra akerblom
It’s kick’n alright!

It definitely has a lot of heat, if you can’t handle it take smaller sips or add it to a nice peach ice tea. I love the spice and the sweet. I have 0 crash and have actually found myself drinking less caffeine which is amazing. I love it and will continue to drink this. My next order will be soon!

Tiffany Mayr
You really CAN feel it!

I’m a streamer, gamer and content creator! The moment I sucked down this god-like nectar my skin tingled with electricity. I was able to play games and focus on the stream chat without forgetting what I was talking about which is huge for me. I always find myself having to stop and ask chat what I was JUST saying but with Kraken powering my streams I feel like I put out a better product at the end! I also love to take it at the top of a gym session and I found it really pushes me through sets I might have given up on prior! It doesn’t hurt that it tastes GREAT. I love the heat that hits first and the sweet fruity finish.

Powerful focus!

The flavor kicks you in the face in the best way once you taste it, and keeps you focused all day long once it takes effect. Never had anything like it.

Focused Energy with a Great Taste

You ever want good clean energy without the jitters or the crash. This is the focus energy drink for you. The flavors are incredible and the instant the drink hits your taste buds, BOOM! You feel it right away. Energy and focus for the next few hours without any drawbacks. It's also a slow drop-off from the energy you receive so you definitely feel refreshed and back to your regular self. I use it when I stream on twitch and have never felt better while it's in my system to after I stream to when I wake up in the morning. Fantastic product if I could give it 10 stars I would.